How to be a Merchant?

Log in 51microshop account or Sign up

② Click to enter on 51microshop App

③ Merchants Review

④ Application for Advertising

⑤ The merchants account must have adverting funds (Commission for payment to the publishers after the ad generates revenue)

⑥ Products Review

⑦ Application Approved

⑧ Product Promotion

⑨ Deduction of commission from Merchant Account after the ad generates revenue

How to attract publishers?

Standard attractive website/shop

Good products

Reasonable commission?


Why is the merchant review failed?

Product sold do not comply with policy(ImitationContraband)
Shop is incomplete(Renovationpayment methodshipping and policy not completed)

Why is the application for advertising failed?

Product sold do not comply with policy(ImitationContraband)
The quality of the ad content is too bad
The commission setting is unreasonable

Why is nobody promoting my ads?

Shop is incomplete,does not meet the publisher's requirements
Product or commission is not enough to attract publishers

What is the controversial order?

Refunds due to buyer reasons within 15 working daysMerchant can provide evidence and apply for controversial orders
After successfully reviewed, the system will returns the commission deducted from the order

How to pay the commission?

After the ad generates revenue through the link shared by the publisher, will deduct the commission from the adverting funds according to the proportion set by the merchant