How to be a publisher?

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② Complete email verification and?personal information

③ Information Review

④ Select product promotion

⑤ Get commission after the ad generates revenue

⑥ Promotional cookies are valid for 15 days

⑦ Each commission will cash out after 15 working days

How to promote?

① Share products and put ad link on your own website

② Share products and put ad link on Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Snap Chat and some others.

③ Make an ad video and put ad link on YouTube or others.


Why is the publisher review failed?

Personal or bank account information is not completed

What is the controversial order?

Refunds caused by the buyers reason within 15 working days by the publisher’s link, the merchant can provide relevant evidence and apply for cancellation of the commission of the order
After successfully reviewed, The system will notify the publisher and deduct the commission from the commission pending account and return to merchant account

Why get commission after 15 days?

Promotional cookies are valid for 15 days
15 days is the deadline for to deal with unexpected problems and settlement commissions
Publisher can transfer the commissions to personal account after 15 days